Rodney Lo
– What did you do before the call of accounting and advisory?

Worked at a non-profit on the NDIS and delivered food for UberEats. As a kid, I would do stocktakes of my toy cars and record them on a hand drawn spreadsheet.

– Describe the accounting stereotype.

The go-to person for splitting bills.

– How does Wheelhouse break the stereotype?

I had the following conversation with Ayse (our managing director) in my interview:

Ayse: How do you find those paintings on the wall?
Me: I bought a vintage poster the other day, and the shopkeeper asked about my line of work. I replied I'm an accountant. The shopkeeper then said "accountants don't buy art".

We buy art.

– What appealed to you about Wheelhouse?

That I know we care.

Where do you see the future of the profession?

Artificial Intelligence. Our roles will no longer be number crunching but strategy building.

– What inspires you?

Interesting shapes and objects.

– What would you do if you weren't doing this job?

Product design.

– Where is your favorite place to be?

Toronto. I almost moved to Canada.

– What is your definition of success?

If you're happy doing what you're doing.

– Name one thing you can't resist.

That sound my car makes when I downshift.

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